Personal destiny

| June 28, 2009

Interviewer: What about people who already have received Jesus into their hearts and yet at times feel depressed?
God: Again, I say that the best antidote is prayer. It is a tremendous help to those suffering from depression to realize that these negative and despairing thoughts come from the evil side of the spirit world. My truth, My love, My light is much stronger, and as soon as people let that in, it will start to wash out the darkness of the Devil’s despair. But it often will take time and considerable perseverance to see this whole process thro-ugh. That’s why prayer and reading My Word, and seeking advice from those who deeply believe in Me, all help to combat this.
Interviewer: To finish up on happiness, then, am I right in concluding that knowing and loving You and loving and helping others is the key to happiness?
God: That is well summed up.
Interviewer: The next subject on my list is “success.” I think most people want to be successful in life, even though their definitions of success vary. Lots of people would like to be rich or to achieve fame so that they are admired by others, perhaps even idolized. What do You regard as success?
God: To find and achieve your purpose for existence.
Interviewer: You have defined this earlier as loving You and loving others. Is that it?
God: If you do those two things, you will be a success. However, every individual has his own personal destiny which, if fulfilled, would make him even more successful.
Interviewer: That is interesting. We come preprogrammed to perform some great task, reach some great goal?
God: It depends on what you mean by “great.”
Interviewer: Becoming president or prime minister or something like that.
God: I pity anyone wanting to become a head of state. No, that is greatness in man’s eyes, which does not necessarily correspond with My idea of greatness.
Interviewer: Which is?
God: To be of great service to mankind.
Interviewer: But being a world or national leader would be of great service to mankind, wouldn’t it?
God: I think that most people tend to think that politicians are more likely to be of great service to themselves or to the political system. Even the most idealistic politician is soon forced into compromise, and some are even corrupted by the political system. I think everyone is more likely to agree that someone like Mother Teresa is truly great.
Interviewer: She was a saint in every sense of the word, but You don’t expect us all to attain that level of service and dedication, do You?
God: What a wonderful world it would be if everyone would, don’t you think?
Interviewer: So You would have us all be like that?
God: If all were like that, then there would be no need for all to be like that. I am not expecting such heroics of everyone, but it would be wonderful if more were like her.
Interviewer: So she is Your idea of success.
God: She succeeded in her calling. She would not be persuaded from it, but pursued it with every ounce of spiritual and physical vigor that she could muster. I know that all people will not and could not do what she did, but they can do something to make the world around them a better place for others. I have designed mankind so that the giving of themselves to help others is the most satisfying thing that people can do. It makes every other measure of success pale by comparison.
Interviewer: If that is the case, why aren’t more of us doing it?
God: Many do-a few in great ways, most in small ways. The thing that holds people back is selfishness.
Interviewer: But we are all selfish to some degree or another. It is human nature, the instinct for survival. If You intended us to be altruistic, which You have explained You would prefer, why did You program mankind with selfishness?
God: This world is a proving ground. Although there is selfishness inherent within man, there is also the ability to rise above it. Every individual has within him the potential to be a great force for good, if he only would.
Interviewer: Very interesting! Another area that most of us like to be successful in is in relationships. Relationships are myriad, of course, but is there a general rule for success?
God: Yes! Humility!
Interviewer: I thought You would say love.
God: Humility is love put into action. It regards the well-being and happiness of others as more important than one’s own. Therefore humility is the key.
Interviewer: By definition, the opposite of humility is pride. Does it then stand to reason that pride is what will cause a relationship to fail?
God: Exactly!
Interviewer: But a sense of pride is ingrained in us since birth.
God: Pride builds walls between people. Humility builds bridges. It reaches out to others.
Interviewer: But we are told of the importance of self-esteem.
God: Having an appreciation of self-worth is good. Low self-esteem can and does lead to problems. However, I ask you to go further than this and esteem others more than yourself. That doesn’t mean you should think less well of yourself.-That is a mouthful, isn’t it? It means you should regard others as having at least some attributes or talents that are better than your own. That is pretty hard to do if you are stuck on yourself, so you must make an effort to look for the good side of others.

Humility or pride?

| June 24, 2009

Interviewer: I have heard some say that needing to believe in God is a crutch and a symptom of low self-esteem.
God: That really is rubbish. Believing in Me can actually boost your self-esteem. If you’d think about it, you would see that you must be pretty valuable for God Himself to have sent His Son to die for you.
Interviewer: Indeed! I suppose it is a matter of perspective. But shouldn’t we take pride in our achievements, abilities, and talents, etc.?
God: There is a fine line. You, of course, have a sense of satisfaction when you have done or made something worthwhile. But when people begin feeling that they are superior to others because of what they have done, then they are heading for disaster. Quite frankly, if you are hoping to be successful in a relationship, a swelled head is just about the last thing you need.
Interviewer: What do You see, then, as a successful relationship?
God: People in partnership with one or more others to achieve a greater good. People in partnership with others create synergy.
Interviewer: Synergy being defined as the combined effect of two or more being greater than the sum of their individual effects?
God: Yes. It is again part of the basic design. People working in combination with others can do more than they could have if they had all worked on their own. But in order for a relationship of any kind to truly prosper, there must be humility on the part of the participants.
Interviewer: I think I am not that clear on what You mean by humility.
God: Esteeming the other person better than yourself, as I mentioned earlier.
Interviewer: But what if the other person isn’t as accomplished at things as I am?
God: Then that takes more humility.
Interviewer: Hmmm… That is easy to say.
God: Let Me explain further. Humility causes you to not hold yourself up as the great almighty one who is there to always save the day. It causes you to make an effort to see what the other person is bringing to the situation which you yourself cannot. Every person is different, so look for what you can admire in someone, some way in which you can look well on him, some reason he is needed. Humility does not lift itself up, but lifts up others.
Interviewer: Well, this is something we are not accustomed to doing naturally, because many of us feel our opinions are the best, our methods are probably the best, and so forth.
God: It is never easy for man to be humble. Man’s tendency is to pride. But humility always pays off, whereas pride never will in the long run.
Interviewer: If this is hard for me to grasp, maybe it is because it just seems to me that You put all the wrong tendencies in man. Pride and selfishness are just two we have covered in this session. You still haven’t explained why.
God: So man would need Me. The world is a giant demonstration to show that even a being as clever as man needs Me to be truly successful.
Interviewer: But is that fair? Why would You create us and then hobble us with traits that guarantee our ultimate failure?
God: You are being rather hard on Me today. Or maybe you are just thinking it will be too hard for you! Remember that I said I would help you to do whatever I ask you to. I did not make you perfect; that is true. But I did create in you the ability to choose the way that would lead to what will be the most perfect existence that you could imagine. Man also was created with the freedom of choice-to choose to follow Me or not.
I have tried to make the bad effects and fruits of pride extremely obvious. Pride promotes love of self more than love of Me or others; thus it wars against choosing My way. I am demonstrating to everyone the rewards of following Me in humility, rather than following oneself in pride.
Interviewer: That is a lot to grasp.
God: Yes, but it is again a matter of faith. If you believe what I am saying and then do it, you will find success in relationships, as in other areas of life.

What is the secret to good health?

| June 20, 2009

Interviewer: How about health? What is the secret to good health?
God: Generally it is to live right, eat right, exercise right, and have a positive attitude.
Interviewer: Sickness and accidents are the bane of man’s existence.
God: The human body was not created to be indestructible. It requires care and maintenance.
Interviewer: But why sickness and disease? Seems that they just make life miserable.
God: You are not sick the majority of the time, are you?
Interviewer: No. But why be sick at all?
God: Sickness is often a consequence of one’s own actions. People have to accept personal responsibility for those. But there are many reasons for sickness. A lot is learned through taking care of oneself or others. It will certainly help people to appreciate the glorified new bodies that they will eventually receive in Heaven. You can never appreciate good health until you are sick.
Interviewer: Well, I do appreciate good health, but it is cause for reflection that there could be benefits to sickness as well.
God: Sickness often results in people either coming to know Me, or if they already do, coming to know Me in a deeper way. Desperation causes people to reach out for divine help, and then I can step in and help. It also gives them more understanding of others and compassion for them.
Interviewer: You are talking about divine healing here.
God: I can and do heal people in answer to prayer.
Interviewer: Do You do this every time You are asked?-Heal them, I mean?
God: I answer prayer in every instance, but it might not necessarily be with healing, or the healing may not be immediate. There are many factors involved, and this is a rather complex subject. But please do understand that this world isn’t the be-all and end-all. It has been created to be but a transitory testing and learning ground for mortal man. One cannot judge Me only on what happens in this world. Mankind was created to eventually live with Me in Heaven. If you can keep your eyes on that goal, then it will make whatever pain and sickness you may endure in this life much more bearable.
Interviewer: I think the manufacturing industry calls that “planned obsolescence,” when things are made not to last long so that customers will come back in a few years to get the new model. It seems people would wonder why You didn’t make us according to the design that You apparently plan to upgrade us to.
God: Heaven and all that comes with it is to be looked forward to. Earth is the proving ground. The things learned in this life shape and define your character for eternity. Some things can only be fully appreciated and understood from the experiences of this life. Good health can only be appreciated when one has sickness to compare it to. Companionship can only be truly valued when one has known loneliness, mercy when one has suffered harsh justice. In the world that is to come, your past experiences on earth will give you depth and richness of character that would otherwise have been unattainable.
Interviewer: Well, I hope that any sickness I suffer has that effect. About divine or faith healing, why is it that some people apparently get miraculously healed while others don’t, and perhaps even die?
God: It all has to do with their purpose and destiny in life. For some it is simply time for them to come home to the spirit world. Heaven is infinitely better than this life. In a way, holding someone back could be regarded as not letting someone graduate from university. What is better? That the student get his degree or not? If you can look at it from that perspective, staying in this world is the worse of the two options. But I heal others in order for them to in turn use the rest of their lives to benefit others and as a testament to My power. It is proof that I am real.
Interviewer: That explains why people die, but what about those left gravely handicapped or with some sort of debilitating and long-term illness? It seems that rather than draw things out, it would be better to either heal them or take them “home,” as You put it.
God: Each case is different. The people are different and the circumstances are different, so I can’t give you a pat answer that covers everything. There can be all sorts of reasons, and in most cases many reasons are involved. But let Me ask you something: If you are so concerned, what are you doing about it? Some people criticize Me for allowing this bad thing and that bad thing, but are they doing anything to help alleviate whatever pain and suffering they are talking about? If people are sick in the hospital or shut-ins, are these critics of Mine visiting them to try to bring a little cheer into their lives? Perhaps the reason people are sick has something to do with them not having the friendship or companionship of other people.
Interviewer: You seem to enjoy tossing the ball back into our court. I feel there is not a lot that I or anyone as an individual can do.
God: But there is always something you can do. My proposal to you is: At least do what you can, and I can do the rest.
Interviewer: The old “God helps those who help themselves” aphorism.
God: In a way, yes, but it’s more than that. God helps those who help others. Man is not supposed to spend his time only looking out for himself, but he is supposed to be looking to help others. Won’t you help others in need? You may be praying, “God help this or that situation,” when in fact I might be trying to help that situation by sending you to be that help. You could be the answer to someone’s prayer!
Interviewer: Interesting thought and something to keep in mind should I find myself in some such situation. I have been giving You a bit of a rough go of things today. I apologize if I have sounded critical. Would You like to say anything in closing?
God: Apology accepted. I could preach a sermon, but the world has heard lots of those. What people want to see is sermons in action. Think about it: What can you do to make the world a better place? The power to be a force for good lies within everyone, even if it is only in little ways. Make your part of the world a bit more heavenly by bringing a touch of Heaven in the way of love and kindness to those around you. If you feel you haven’t the strength to be this way but would like to, call on Me to help. I will, I promise you.

Secrets and Fun

| June 16, 2009

Interviewer: Here we are again. And for openers may I ask what might sound like an unusual question?
God: All depends on what it is. But since I already know what you are going to ask, yes, it is okay.
Interviewer: So there is no keeping secrets from You?
God: No, I’m afraid not. Actually I am not afraid. It’s just a figure of speech, you understand.
Interviewer: Of course.
God: So do you want to ask your question?
Interviewer: But You already know it.
God: I do, but don’t you want to ask it anyway?
Interviewer: But if You know it, why should I ask it?
God: Because that is your part.
Interviewer: Do You really need my part?
God: Of course I do. If I didn’t need you and your part, you wouldn’t have been created in the first place.
Interviewer: You made us because You need us?
God: Doesn’t that stand to reason?
Interviewer: But You are God; why would You need anyone or anything?
God: Because I am love, and love needs people to love.
Interviewer: So You created us to love us?
God: Yes. Is that so strange?
Interviewer: I am trying to grasp the idea.
God: It is mirrored in people wanting babies. Do they want them because they want to change their diapers, stay up late with them when they won’t sleep, nurse them when they are sick, and do everything for them when they are young? Then as they grow older, work to provide them with a secure and happy life with the things they need? I think not. They want them because they want to have them be part of their lives. So, similar to how most parents want to have their kids, I wanted to have human companionship.
Interviewer: You made us to be Your companions?
God: Yes.
Interviewer: I sort of thought that You needed us to worship You.
God: Don’t you worship the ones you love?
Interviewer: Yes, I suppose so, but that is somewhat different from worshiping God. I mean, they even call church services worship services. It’s a way of showing respect to You.
God: Bless those souls who go to those things, but I do crave something a bit more on the intimate side. Well, to be honest, a lot more on the intimate side.
Interviewer: So You’d rather we here be more like friends with You?
God: Yes, even lovers.
Interviewer: Whoa, that is getting intimate.
God: Don’t lovers love?
Interviewer: Yes, but lovers love … well, you know … a little more than just friendship.
God: Is this going down sideways?
Interviewer: No! It is just … well, we could say interesting.
God: I’m glad you are interested. You see, I desire to love you and be loved by you in the deepest form imaginable. For some this is to think of Me as a lover, and speak to Me in passionate terms.
But most people are more comfortable loving Me as a kingly, divine Father, and I appreciate that too, very much. I crave to be close to people in whatever way possible.

Is God disapointed with humanity?

| June 12, 2009

Interviewer: You said You made us to be Your companions. But it doesn’t seem that many people are really being that companionable with You.
God: That is unfortunately true.
Interviewer: Does that disappoint You?
God: It does, but there is hope.
Interviewer: Hope?
God: Yes, because most eventually will get the point, if not in this world, then in the world to come.
Interviewer: I think some of us have the concept in our mind that we would take our place in Heaven as sort of part of the workforce where You are the boss, or perhaps better said, the king. But You are hinting that things might be a bit less hierarchical.
God: I will be the king, but yes, it is not going to be Me just coming out on the balcony of My palace and waving to the crowds once a year or something. No, I will be down amongst the people often. I enjoy your company. You never did ask your question.
Interviewer: I was going to ask what You did for fun, providing of course You are into fun.
God: Why wouldn’t I be into fun? If you are created in My image, then a lot of your desires mirror Mine. If you desire fun, it is a pretty safe bet that I desire fun also.
Interviewer: So what do You do for fun?
God: Oh, I had a six-day party awhile back and made the universe. That was pretty fun.
Interviewer: Anything a little less spectacular?
God: I am a creator, so I love to create. I love to make things.
Interviewer: Like what-besides the universe, that is?
God: How about Heaven? We took a little more time with that.
Interviewer: We?
God: Yes, I and all the others who are helping.
Interviewer: What about a hobby?
God: I love people-watching.
Interviewer: Sports?
God: No one wants to play Me because I always win, and even if I did lose, they would know I did it on purpose. For that reason I generally stay away from sports, though I go watch others play.
Interviewer: So they play sports in Heaven?
God: Definitely, though the killer instinct is absent, so every game is a friendly one.
Interviewer: But isn’t competition the basis of sport?
God: Most of the time on earth, yes. But up here values are different, so they don’t try to beat the other guy too much. There is an element of competition sometimes, but just to enjoy doing something vigorous with a friend.
Interviewer: Wouldn’t everyone there be pretty much equal in abilities anyway?
God: No. Some are better at some things than others. Everyone has lots of ability, but not necessarily equal ability in everything. Variety is the spice of life, even in the afterlife.

Are thoughts private?

| June 8, 2009

Interviewer: Interesting! You said something before about church services, and it didn’t sound like You were that thrilled with them.
God: They are often pretty dull and boring. Would you be that thrilled with them?
Interviewer: No. I stopped going.
God: I know.
Interviewer: Yes, I suppose You do. This gets to me a bit, that You know everything. Is there any privacy in the spirit world? Seems it is sometimes nice to have a few things about oneself that aren’t known.
God: Like what? Your PIN?
Interviewer: I suppose I won’t be needing that, will I?
God: I haven’t thought of a use for that here.
Interviewer: I think I would like to have my thoughts be private.
God: Why? Do you want to think bad thoughts?
Interviewer: No!
God: Honestly?
Interviewer: Well … all right, I can get to brooding over something and then I suppose my thoughts are not “good.” But it is more than that. I think it would be nice to have the freedom to bounce things around inside for a while before anyone knows what I am thinking.
God: So you have a little trouble being transparent?
Interviewer: It just sounds a little Orwellian to have my mind and thoughts monitored.
God: Please let me assure you it is not like Big Brother. It is that we are honest and open here, so we don’t feel a need to hide our thoughts and intentions.
Interviewer: You say “we.” Are You included in all this openness?
God: I am very open, but My mind is beyond yours even in your heavenly state. So no, you won’t be able to read My thoughts. But that does not prevent My being open and forthright with you.
Interviewer: It will take a little getting used to.
God: But it is that way now.
Interviewer: I suppose so, but somehow it is just not so obvious. Well, on to another subject. Do You have favorites?
God: In what way?
Interviewer: Ones that are like Your pets who You are more indulgent with, that You care for more and watch out for more carefully.
God: I love everybody with equal fervor. But those who love Me back do benefit more than those who don’t. These are those who try to follow Me closely and spread My love and message to others.
Interviewer: Is this fair? Shouldn’t You just treat everybody the same?
God: Isn’t it fair to reward good rather than not to? If there is someone who is good to you, don’t you hold him or her in higher esteem than others? It is the same with Me. I reward those who try their best to love Me and others.
Interviewer: From my perspective, I can’t help but think there are some people who do not deserve Your favor but who seem to get it big time. Aren’t there a lot of well-off people who have lots of comfort and care who are far from deserving of it?
God: You are equating luxury and plenty with My blessings. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, it is rarely the case. I do care for those who love Me and I can bless them materially, but an abundance of material goods is, on its own, no indication of My blessings. The majority of the blessings I bestow are those of the spirit. Peace of mind and heart are much more valuable than material things. And it is far better to save up your rewards in the world to come than to get them there on earth.

Are some people just born lucky?

| June 5, 2009

Interviewer: Some people seem to be just plain lucky. They get all the breaks, whereas others of us never win a raffle or hardly even a hand of poker. What is it with these people who always seem to win at bingo or cards or other things? Are some people just born lucky?
God: Are you talking about gambling?
Interviewer: Well, gambling is part of it.
God: There are precious few who win at gambling. The only people who really make the money are the ones organizing the gambling, and they play everyone else for suckers. They are parasites playing on the gullibility of everyone else. Gambling has ruined many lives.
Interviewer: There go the church bingo games.
God: Bingo! Let’s qualify this and say that a little playing of games of chance in moderation is okay, but it can often grow into an inordinate addiction. If it’s kept small, it is one thing, but it often doesn’t stay that way. I have it in print right in the Bible where I say the love of money is the root of all evil. Those who gamble love to win. I mean, no one gambles because they love to lose, right? And the prize is usually money. And the pursuit of that will lead them down the path of evil, and by that I mean disaster.
Interviewer: A recurring theme seems to be that enjoying most things in moderation is okay.
God: That is a pretty good rule of thumb.
Interviewer: So are You okay about drinking alcohol?
God: In moderation. (Laughs.) You know that was Jesus’ first recorded miracle.1
Interviewer: Changing the water into wine.
God: Yes. Very good wine, too, as you’ve read.
Interviewer: Yes. I have heard some people rail at the “demon drink,” but You don’t seem to think it is so demonic.
God: If you abuse it, then it becomes demon drink. Then it no longer “makes glad the heart of man,” as the Bible says, but it has gone beyond that into turning him imbecilic or morose or even violent. Instead of the drink helping to relax you, it has turned into a monster that dominates and ruins your life.
Interviewer: So why give us such a thing if You knew it was going to be abused?
God: Learning how to use things correctly is all part of the reason for you being there in the first place. It is true that I knew that alcohol in its many varieties would be abused, but many people use it wisely. There are times when it helps to have a drink to relax, and it helps people be sociable. Why, they have even uncovered the fact that it is healthy to drink a little. But for goodness sake, don’t abuse it.
Interviewer: You have been very kind to answer all these questions. Perhaps we’ll wrap this up here. This interview is a little short, but I think this is a good point to end on.
God: Agreed. So until next time?
Interviewer: Yes!

It’s in the Stars! Or Is It?

| June 2, 2009

Interviewer: Here we are again. Thank You for coming.
God: Always a pleasure. Shall we get down to business?
Interviewer: A subject I have been meaning to ask about is astrology-the effect that the planets and stars supposedly have on our personalities and destinies.
God: On personalities, yes, destinies, no.
Interviewer: So there is some truth to it?
God: Yes, that is one of the ways that I designed things, so each person’s personality is unique. The planets and stars work like an incredibly complex apparatus in this regard. Their positions in relation to each other are always changing, so that the planet and star chart is almost unique for every person and thus bestows varying personality traits.
Interviewer: But what if we are saddled with a personality we don’t particularly like?
God: The design the planets and stars give is just the basic pattern. There are good traits and not-so-good traits to each of the so-called astrological signs, but each person doesn’t have to leave it at that. You are given the ability to improve yourself. If you don’t like the way you are, you can change. But the influence of the stars is not the only thing to shape your personality. Other factors are genetic and environmental. However, more important than personality is character.
Interviewer: Meaning one’s ethical and moral strength.
God: Exactly.
Interviewer: But before, You stated that being ethical or moral has no bearing on getting into Heaven.
God: That is a different issue. I did not mean to make it sound like I was denigrating people who are ethical, or saying that it is not important to be moral. I was talking about salvation, which is a free gift granted to you upon accepting Jesus into your life and heart.
Interviewer: So what is the good of being ethical if it has no bearing on your entry into Heaven?
God: It has a lot to do with your inner well-being and happiness in this life. And standing up for what is right will not go without reward in the life to come. You will not regret it, I can assure you. Getting in the door of Heaven is one thing, but it is certainly shortsighted if that is all you strive for. How well you fare in Heaven will have a great deal to do with how you lived your life on earth.
Interviewer: But Jesus was particularly scathing in His attacks on the Pharisees of His day. Weren’t they ethical and moral?
God: There were some who were righteous, but many were hypocrites who only pretended to be “good” on the outside while inside they were seething with hate and venom, as was borne out by their banding together with their avowed opponents, the Sadducees, in calling for Jesus’ execution. They were far from moral or ethical, but were only self-righteous. Self-righteousness stinks, and it is usually obvious to everyone except the person who has it that it stinks.
Interviewer: Self-righteousness isn’t goodness, You are saying.
God: That is correct; don’t confuse self-righteousness with ethical and moral strength. Those of truly strong character, even if they may appear weak, will stand up for what is right and good against the odds. The vast majority of people usually seem to end up on the wrong sides of issues, so don’t look for people of character in the mob calling for blood. You won’t find them there.