Who is God?

| February 22, 2009

Interviewer: Very well. My first question and I think one that most people would like to hear an answer to is: Who are You? Some think of You as a rather old, kindly looking gentleman with a long white beard. Others envision a very stern authoritarian with a large stick in His hand. Others a very nebulous, disinterested entity who has left us to our own fate. What are You really like?
God: I have always regarded the conceptions most of mankind has of Me with a mixture of amusement, puzzlement, and sadness. To best understand Me, it is better not to conceive of Me as a person but rather as the Spirit of love. That is what I am at My essence and that is how My presence is most commonly manifested in the world.
Everyone has been touched by love at some time in his or her life. Think of someone you love or have loved and are loved by in return. Recall how you feel when you are near that person. Now think what that would be like multiplied, not just a few, but very many times over. You now have an idea of what I am like.

Simple belief


Interviewer: It is our human nature to be somewhat on the skeptical, analytical side. We like to understand who we are dealing with. Surely You must understand this, since You created humanity?
God: Yes, I do understand, but the reason I created you like this was to see who would rise above the level of skepticism to an attitude of simple belief.
Interviewer: You are talking about faith.
God: Yes, exactly.
Interviewer: But, is faith in fact a good thing? Faith is often manipulated by the unscrupulous. Isn’t it better for one to be less gullible and more cautious?
God: I am not talking about being gullible. That is not what faith in Me is supposed to be. Faith is not being duped. Faith is confidence. Faith is knowing.