What about evolution?

| July 29, 2009

Interviewer: What about evolution? Much is made of the idea that mankind and all other creatures evolved from more primitive species. I suppose asking You this question may sound a bit silly, but what are Your feelings on the subject?
God: I am firmly in the camp of those who believe in Intelligent Design.
Interviewer: I sort of thought You would be. But did You use the evolutionary process to create the world?
God: There is no evolutionary process-one species evolving into another as people generally understand it-so it would be rather hard for Me to use it.
Interviewer: So You are saying that evolution is more or less a nonstarter.
God: It is an intriguing theory with no basis in fact. I say “intriguing” because man is intrigued by it, not Me. Actually, it is diabolical. It provided man a “scientific” reason-and I say scientific with My rather considerable tongue in My cheek-not to believe in Me. The greatest testimony to a creator is the creation. A masterpiece of a painting is a tribute to the artist who painted it. One acknowledges his genius because one has seen the results of it. Likewise, a remarkable invention is a tribute to its remarkable inventor. So you can imagine how I feel when My handiwork is attributed to the work of the handiwork itself. It really is an absurd concept when one looks at it with even the faintest degree of logic.
It strikes Me as the utmost in bigotry, too, that those who champion evolution’s authenticity refuse to allow the science of creationism to be taught as a counterbalance. The champions of evolution often portray themselves as the defenders of free thought, but in their hypocrisy they refuse to allow people, especially impressionable young students, to freely have access to information other than their own favored creed. It is not so much that someone came up with a bizarre and illogical theory that flies in the face of hard scientific evidence that bothers Me, rather it is that this is foisted on people as the fact of evolution when it is known that it is anything but factual. As you can tell, I tend to get fairly worked up over the subject.
Interviewer: So it is a hoax?
God: A perfect word for it.
Interviewer: But what about dinosaurs? Are they real?
God: They are not real now, but they were.
Interviewer: But don’t they give credence to the theory of evolution?
God: That a range of species that were once plentiful on the earth and are now extinct doesn’t give proof to the theory of evolution. There are species becoming extinct all the time.
Interviewer: But I have always had the impression that they are somewhere on the evolutionary ladder.
God: No. There were many kinds of dinosaurs, but they were all distinctly unique and didn’t evolve from anything; nor did they turn into anything.
Interviewer: Well, what happened to them?
God: The vast majority were killed in the great flood.
Interviewer: You mean Noah and the Ark and all that.
God: Yes.
Interviewer: You said the majority of them. Why not all of them?
God: Because two of each kind were on the Ark.
Interviewer: You mean that he had dinosaurs on the Ark?
God: Why not? I instructed him to take two of every kind of animal, male and female. Except for some species, which I told him to take seven pairs of.
Interviewer: Why haven’t they survived? The other animals did.
God: The climate of the earth after the flood was not so kind to the dinosaurs, just as it wasn’t to some other species. They were not able to adapt to their new environment, so they died off.

Why didn’t God throw in the towel at the very beginning?

| July 24, 2009

Interviewer: Was the flood a real event and Noah a real person?
God: Definitely.
Interviewer: But a flood that covered the whole earth sounds preposterous. Where would all that water come from?
God: The conditions prevalent in the world and atmospheric heavens in those days were far different than what exists today. You can’t judge what was by what now is.
Interviewer: So the Genesis account of creation is completely factual?
God: The Genesis account is wholly factual, though it is admittedly very brief.
Interviewer: In retrospect, should You have made it longer?
God: That is an interesting thought. But no, it is enough. What more should I have said there?
Interviewer: Well, perhaps a little about the mechanisms You used. I mean, to say something like “the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters” seems to leave a fair bit of the picture out. What were You doing, what were You thinking?
God: I was doing one thing at a time. I had to create one thing at time in the right progression. As for what I was thinking, I was thinking about the beautiful place I was going to create.
Interviewer: You had foreknowledge about what was going to happen?
God: You mean the fall of Adam and Eve?
Interviewer: Yes, but not only that. I mean the wars and other things that were going to ravage the world in the centuries to come.
God: Yes, I did.
Interviewer: So why didn’t You throw in the towel at the very beginning? I mean, why bother, since it looks like things didn’t turn out as beautifully as You had planned?
God: This world can be very beautiful. And the reasons that much of it is not can usually be traced back to man. But one always has to realize that this world isn’t the final product. It is a testing ground and a giant demonstration. It is a testing ground for humankind and a demonstration to show humanity that when left to their own devices, they don’t do a terribly good job of things. Thus they will be grateful for My authority, presence, and guidance in the world to come.
Interviewer: I think we covered some of this ground before. I apologize for making You repeat Yourself.
God: Not a problem.
Interviewer: So, back to education. What would You like to see man educated in?
God: In those things that will help him live in peace and harmony with the rest of his kind.
Interviewer: Which would be…
God: The skills involved in communication, the skills involved in providing a sufficient livelihood for himself and his neighbors.
Interviewer: That’s it?
God: Basically, yes.
Interviewer: Basic is just about the right word for it.
God: There is a lot in those two categories.
Interviewer: I suppose there is, but I think You have just handed a lot of people in the field of education pink slips.
God: I don’t think that they need worry that much, because in this world they’ll keep their jobs. But in the world to come they may need to choose something along the lines I just talked about to be their field of educational expertise.
Interviewer: Surely in the next world there wouldn’t be a need for educators.
God: On the contrary, learning doesn’t cease once you cross over. In the world to come, there are limitless opportunities to learn. And those who learn will require teachers. So there is a role for educators.
Interviewer: Well, why would we bother? We’ll know everything we need to know once we get there, won’t we?
God: Goodness, no! There will be lots to learn in the world to come. This world is only a shadow of that one, so if you thought that there was a lot to learn here, then you are going to be surprised at how much there is to learn there. Man has an inquisitiveness that is part of human nature. That part of his nature will live on, and there are limitless opportunities to learn and experience new things.
Interviewer: I notice that whenever You talk about the next world You tend to wax lyrical about it.
God: It’s worth waxing lyrical about. I want to make it sound so tempting-which it is, and really I am hardly scratching the surface of all there is to tell-that everyone will want to go there.
Interviewer: It does sound inviting. Well, just a few more questions, if I may, sort of in the same vein. We discussed evolutionists trying to disprove intelligent creation, and by extension, a creator. Can science prove the reverse, that there is a creator, that You exist?
God: Scientists, if they honestly review the data, will always come back to the conclusion that there is an intelligent design behind the universe. Some who differ on this point may howl at this and say that I am accusing them of being charlatans, but sometimes it is a case of those hit that howl. I know that there are plenty of avenues that invite investigation and speculation, and I am not calling scientists dishonest if they sometimes make wrong postulations along the way. I am saying that once they review the data objectively, they will have to come to the conclusion that this all didn’t happen by accident. And so if it didn’t happen by accident, then it happened by design, so there has to be someone or ones who designed it. So although you can’t isolate Me in a test tube and say, “Aha, here He is,” one can with rational reasoning, even scientific reasoning, conclude that I exist.

Trinity-three persons in One

| July 19, 2009

Interviewer: You said something in that last answer that made me think of another question. You said “someone or ones designed it.” Much is made of the Christian idea of the Godhead being a Trinity-three persons in one, yet at the same time distinct. Are You three?
God: It is a concept that countless theologians and learned men have struggled over. They perhaps would do better if they were like the young child who just takes it in stride and doesn’t worry about it. The Trinity is composed of Myself, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We are three distinct beings, while at the same time being united in every way in Our essence.
Interviewer: You have a hierarchy with Yourself at the top?
God: Yes, but that is a very simplistic way of seeing it. It really cannot be comprehended from your viewpoint. Things like this become more understandable once you pass to the spirit world.
Interviewer: You say more understandable. It sounds like we won’t really understand even then.
God: If you could understand everything fully, then you would be God.
Interviewer: What about the old question of “who created God?”
God: Because you are bound by time in your current state, you always try to understand things in a temporal way. In the realm to come you will not be trapped in time, so you will understand things better. I didn’t need a point in time to be created, as does everything in your world. In your minds the best way to think of it is that I have always existed and that I do not need a creator.
Interviewer: You mentioned the Holy Spirit a few answers before. What role does He play in all of this?
God: It would be more correct to say “She.” She is the feminine part of the Trinity.
Interviewer: Feminine?
God: Is that so shocking?
Interviewer: Well, not quite what I imagine everyone thought. But what role does She play?
God: She is the spirit of love that goes out into the world to bring peace and joy to people’s hearts. Just like people can receive Jesus into their lives, so they can receive the Holy Spirit, and She can fill them with joy, peace, happiness, faith, and much more. She is also the instrument by which various gifts and talents are distributed-gifts such as wisdom, knowledge, faith, miracles, healing, prophecy, speaking in mysterious tongues, and the interpretation of such tongues.
Interviewer: Could You explain what these “tongues” are? I have heard Pentecostal Christians, and the noises they make sound very odd. In fact, it almost sounds as though they are just babbling away in gibberish.
God: They speak in languages understood to Me. It is a language of praise and prayer. Their spirits bypass their minds and pour out their joy and thanksgiving, as well as concerns and heartaches, to Me.
Interviewer: But couldn’t they just express those things in their own language?
God: They could and do, but praying in tongues propels the spirit of the person praying into the spiritual dimension, setting the spirit free from the fetters of the mind.
Interviewer: Is it that way all the time? Or do they just sometimes pretend?
God: You are a skeptic, aren’t you?
Interviewer: I apologize if it seems that way, but I think some people may question the way some work themselves up, or seem to be putting on a show when they are speaking in tongues or doing something else that seems odd. Are they doing this?
God: Well, some do put on at times. But I know who is whom and I gratefully receive the prayers and praise of all those who call on Me in sincerity.
Interviewer: Of other gifts You listed, among them is miracles. Do people who are filled with the Holy Spirit have the power to perform miracles?
God: They have the power because they have the power of God. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will perform miracles on a regular basis, but sometimes they might. It doesn’t have to be a big thing to qualify as a miracle, just something that is beyond the power of man to perform at the time. Some people might put these kinds of things down to chance, but if My power has been invoked to perform a certain deed, then the performance of it can be classed as a miracle.
Interviewer: You listed prophecy-predicting future events.
God: Prophecy is not just predicting the future. It is a gift of hearing My voice. I speak to people and they hear My voice or that of Jesus or the Holy Spirit and they pass on what they hear. You could say that prophecy is what this interview is. You asked if anyone was there, and I was! I was waiting to talk with you, and I have allowed you to hear My voice, and as you do, you are recording what you hear. That is prophecy.
Interviewer: So how does one get these gifts of the Holy Spirit?
God: By asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit. As Jesus comes into your life and gives you the gift of salvation when you ask Him to, likewise the Holy Spirit will come in and fill you up with Her gifts when you ask Her to.
Interviewer: Does everyone who receives the Holy Spirit receive all of these gifts?
God: They could, but it works somewhat differently in that the gifts are not necessarily all active. But the Holy Spirit delights to give Her gifts to those who wisely use them.
Interviewer: And She is there giving people all these gifts.
God: She is or She is working, as I do, through the agency of helping spirits and angels.

Why three?

| July 14, 2009

Interviewer: Why does it take the three of You, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? It seems that one could do it all, since You are God.
God: It is because there are three of Us.
Interviewer: So there have always been three of You?
God: In your way of conceiving it, yes.
Interviewer: What about in Your way of conceiving it?
God: As much as you would like to, it is impossible for you to conceive things from Our point of view until you cross over here. If all the mysteries were explained to you right now, then there would be none left there for you to investigate.
Interviewer: I wasn’t asking to understand them all, but maybe just…
God: You are persistent, but in the end it has to be no for now.
Interviewer: Would it be correct if I inferred that You are like a family? Since You are referred to as the Father and Jesus as the Son, would the Holy Spirit be both Wife and Mother?
God: You could say that.
Interviewer: But I know my Bible and I know that the Holy Spirit is referred to throughout as He. If She is really a “She,” then doesn’t that impinge on the credibility of the Bible, that this is a flaw?
God: No, it doesn’t. In Genesis I am quoted as saying “Let Us make man in Our image. Male and female created we them.”6 So, it was clearly inferred there-and in other scriptures-that there are both male and female characteristics in the Trinity. You know that I am male and so is Jesus. So that doesn’t leave many options as to who is the female part, does it?
Interviewer: But You chose not to make it clear.
God: This is something that I had chosen not to clearly reveal earlier. Divine revelation is not all confined to the Bible. You see, the books of the Bible were written under My guidance. Some was prophetic, but at least some of the authors, especially of the New Testament, did not necessarily realize that they were writing things that would later be regarded as incontrovertible. If they had, they would probably have been so worried they would not have written anything. They were writing to inform and teach.
Interviewer: So they didn’t know they were writing for posterity.
God: The fact that later their writings would be placed into the Old or New Testament and become the canon of Christian teaching did not occur to several of them. It did to Me, of course, but I never intended for all revelation and truth to be once and for all confined solely to the Bible. What I say today will not contradict the Bible, but it will amplify parts and speak on contemporary issues the Bible doesn’t cover. I planned to keep talking to believers and instructing them, showing them new things. However, when the Bible was “bound,” the Church became hidebound. That is why I kept calling out new movements of Christians, but almost all eventually cooled off or were eliminated by jealous rivals.
In these Last Days I am showing more and more truth to people if they choose to believe it.
Interviewer: You mentioned “Last Days.” By that do You mean the end of the world?
God: The world is just about due for a great big change. But that is an enormous subject in itself, which I will have to talk about another time. This is the second time this has come up, so if you would like to devote a whole interview to this point sometime soon I am sure your readers would appreciate it.
Interviewer: Yes, that would be very interesting. “The End is near” and all that. Speaking of the end, perhaps this is a good place to finish this particular interview if that is agreeable to You.
God: Yes, it is. Thank you!
Interviewer: I always feel rather odd with You saying thank you to me. You being God and me being just a little ol’ mortal, for You to talk to me like this is quite awesome, for want of a better word. And then for You to say thank you on top of it is… Well, I can’t really find the words for it. Thank You for putting up with me and my questioning, which I can’t help but think You must find rather wearisome.
God: Not at all. Actually, I like to answer questions.
Interviewer: I am certainly very grateful You do. I must admit I enjoy hearing Your answers.

The Quality of Life

| July 6, 2009

Interviewer: It is an incredible privilege to be able to discuss issues with You.
God: I am delighted to have the opportunity.
Interviewer: This time I wondered if we could perhaps bring things down to earth a little more and talk about quality-of-life issues that the average person faces.
God: Sounds interesting.
Interviewer: I am happy You think so, as I was concerned that You wouldn’t want to get down to what You might regard as more prosaic things, but rather would like to concentrate on more high-minded issues.
God: No, not at all. I am interested in people and involved with the most minute details of their lives.
Interviewer: Really? The small things in our lives would seem so insignificant and inconsequential in the overall that I had the impression You would find involvement in those very tedious.
God: Goodness, no! Each person is special to Me. As I explained in the last session, I went to great lengths to ensure the well-being of each of you.
Interviewer: May I begin?
God: Please do.
Interviewer: What about the age-old question, “How can I be happy?” I think everyone wants to be happy, but often we are not. Shouldn’t happiness be the norm more often than the exception?
God: For some it is the norm, but-you are right-for most it isn’t. Basically it is because people have not found the missing ingredient, which is the purpose for life. That purpose is actually twofold: to love Me and to love their fellow man. If they don’t fulfill both of these, then the purpose of life is not discovered, fulfillment is not obtained, and the resulting emptiness and dissatisfaction leads to not being happy.
Interviewer: I think some will claim to be happy while neither loving You nor others.
God: The definition or expectations of happiness vary. Some might be content and even at times enjoy a good deal of transitory happiness, but I am talking about enduring happiness of mind and soul, which only comes from what I explained. I created man to want and need to love Me and love others to be truly fulfilled. It is part of the basic design. Although other things can satisfy in part, they cannot completely satisfy. Even to love one and not the other is not enough. Man is created to be truly happy only when he is fulfilling both these purposes.
Interviewer: In other words, being solely involved in the religious realm to the neglect of helping others is not enough either?
God: If I may, please let Me clarify one point. You have made the correlation between love of Me and being religious. Although there are many in religious life who love Me, this does not make loving Me a religious undertaking. There are many who love Me who never darken the doorway of a place of religion.
Interviewer: Are You distancing Yourself from organized religion?
God: I love everyone. I do not appreciate that some feel they have a corner on the market-Me being the product. I am not confined to buildings, ceremonies, or rituals. In fact, the truth be known, I do not inhabit those buildings, and the ceremonies do not express My essence. I am the Spirit of Love that pervades everything.
Interviewer: So You are in the flower, the tree, the sky, etc.
God: In a way, yes, but I can see where you are leading here, as that gets into the ludicrous notion that everything is God. “He’s God, you’re God, the dog in the yard is God, as well as the tree it pees against.” No, that is not the case. I’m God. (God laughs.) I created all those things, so there is in them a touch of the divine, but they are not divine in themselves.
Interviewer: The tree was an interesting addition. I hadn’t taken that line of thought that far before. But getting back to the previous question, You are not exclusive to a particular group?
God: No, certainly not. Suffice it to say that those who love Me and love their fellow man and let that love move them into compassionate action are fulfilling their purpose on earth.
Interviewer: So we have to do something?
God: Yes. Love is not actually love unless it moves you to do something beneficial for others.
Interviewer: And love gives rise to happiness?
God: Yes.
Interviewer: What about something like a good joke? It can get one smiling and laughing and the result is that you feel happy. Is this happiness coming through love?
God: That is an example of transitory happiness. When the joke is forgotten, the happiness is gone. Now I like a good joke, so there is nothing wrong with jokes. I like it when people laugh and enjoy themselves. But what I was referring to before is a state of happiness in the heart of man. A true and never-ending state of mind and heart. Something that is permanent.
Interviewer: Here’s the difficulty I am having with this concept: Isn’t it true that even some of those who have gone down in the annals of history as truly loving You and others have at times gone through huge periods of struggle, even doubt and depression? It would seem that they didn’t have that happiness that You talk about. Sometimes good people seem to have even more troubles than those who don’t believe.
God: Sometimes those who love Me can go through difficult times, but that does not mean they are no longer happy, that they no longer have that certain peaceful joy inside that only I can give them. In other cases, they can be temporarily robbed of its benefits.-That is true.
Interviewer: Robbed of it? But You were saying it was permanent.
God: It is permanent. Notice I said “benefits.” The deep joy I give will always be there. A peace, an assurance that I will take care of him is part of the blessing I give everyone who believes in Me. But sometimes this confidence can be shaken and the ability to access the happiness I give is impaired. It is being interfered with, or hindered.
Let Me explain: As we covered in an earlier interview, there is an opposition. The Devil’s plan is to try to get people to disregard My blessings and get their eyes on their problems. They can forget that I am able and willing to bring solutions. When they get in that state, their power to rise above their problems is sorely diminished. They lose the magic power of faith.
Interviewer: So we are back to the cosmic battle.
God: Well, if you want to use the term “cosmic,” that is all right, but it is more precisely a battle fought largely in the spiritual realm. The Devil is using doubt to hinder and harass. Doubts are terrible things that can completely engulf people and leave them powerless. But doubts can be overcome.

The solution to depression

| July 2, 2009

Interviewer: We have touched on something that is fairly widespread-depression. Many people go through bouts of it, and some never seem to be able to shake it. Are You saying that the Devil causes depression? I don’t mean to be difficult here, but that almost sounds medieval.
God: Yes, modern mental sciences would label this superstition. Let Me just make one or two points here and then your readers will need to draw their own conclusions. First, I am real and the spiritual realm in which I dwell is real. I am trying to help mankind to find everlasting love, life, and happiness. Second, there is an inferior but still extremely powerful opposition led by the Devil. He tries his damnedest to frustrate mankind from achieving these goals either by offering alternatives that don’t really satisfy in the long run, or by trying to make people just plain miserable. Wouldn’t it seem that people suffering from depression are the sad targets of his designs?
Interviewer: The Devil and his demons and all-it seems a bit far-fetched. Aren’t there a lot of causes for depression that don’t have their roots in the spiritual realm? For instance, there could be bereavement or the loss of one’s job or a financial or medical calamity.
God: It is very true that these can trigger depression. I sympathize greatly that the loss of a loved one, receiving bad news about your health, or losing one’s financial stability are all difficult experiences that can deeply hurt and can make one very sad. However, there is a distinct difference between mourning, or receiving bad news, or grappling with personal difficulties, and depression. Sad things happen in life. That is part of the living experience, and from those things a great deal can be gained in the way of learning empathy and compassion. That is not a negative experience in the long run. But depression is when a person has given up hope. The Devil has taken a crisis and turned it into a disaster seemingly beyond repair.
Interviewer: You seem to be giving him a lot of credit.
God: Not credit, blame. Unfortunately, a lot of people like to stick Me with the blame for things that go wrong. I am enjoying an opportunity to lay the blame at the real culprit’s door.
Interviewer: Well, what can be done about it? Placing the blame is not necessarily a cure.
God: No, it is not a cure, but realizing the cause can go a long way toward achieving the cure. The Devil can be beaten.
Interviewer: How?
God: Through My power, which is available to each and every person.
Interviewer: I assume You are alluding to prayer here.
God: Prayer can activate My power and focus it on the target. I do answer prayer, as I explained in a previous conversation we had.
Interviewer: Yes, but medication can be beneficial for these people, can’t it? If the cause is spiritual, then why would medication work?
God: It is true that medication can sometimes help relieve the symptoms, but it doesn’t cure the cause.
Interviewer: What do You say to the research on this subject that has shown that some people are this way because of chemical causes?
God: In some cases, yes, there is an imbalance, but this is not the general trend. If there is a chemical or hormonal imbalance in the body, there can be a degree of emotional uneasiness, where Satan finds occasion to plant negative or disparaging thoughts in the mind. It helps vastly to realize that these thoughts, which in turn lead to depression, come from the enemy of one’s soul, who is seeking to discourage and drag you down. They are not reality.
So you see, the truth of the matter is that the root cause of deep depression is spiritual, even though the symptoms may be psychological or physical. If you treat the problem in the spiritual by prayer and getting the depressed person to understand Me and receive Jesus in his or her heart, then I guarantee there will be positive results. Let’s move on to something more positive.
Interviewer: Well, I will heed Your wishes and leave this subject, but I will add that there will undoubtedly be some who disagree with You.
God: Perhaps. But the fact remains that there is a solution to depression through faith in Me and My love.