So who came first, man or the angels?

| August 30, 2009

Interviewer: So who came first, man or the angels?
God: Angels. The rebellion of Satan and his followers happened shortly after I created the physical world. That is why Satan was in the Garden of Eden tempting Adam and Eve. From almost the very beginning of your time, the battle between him and Me for the souls of humanity was on.
Interviewer: Round one went to the Devil?
God: You mean with the fall of Adam and Eve?
Interviewer: Yes.
God: He never won their souls; he just led them to sin. In a way it could be looked on as a victory for him, but it was allowed by Me and all part of the master plan.
Interviewer: Satan and all of his crowd were originally created by You, then?
God: Yes.
Interviewer: So ultimately it would be said that You created evil.
God: I allowed it as an alternative to good. As the old proverb states, light can only be appreciated against a background of darkness.
Interviewer: Do any of the fallen angels want to get back on to the good side?
God: Their minds are now hardened. They want to come out on top, so they exert every effort to win.
Interviewer: But they won’t repent?
God: As of now, they have no reason to, because they believe they can still win.
Interviewer: But isn’t their outcome already decided-that they will lose? Don’t they know this?
God: They refuse to believe it. Otherwise, why would they continue to fight if they knew in the long run they would lose?
Interviewer: I figured it was just bloody-mindedness.
God: No, they are under the delusion that they will win. Because they have rejected the truth, therefore they are doomed to believe a lie.
Interviewer: Including Satan himself?
God: I have allowed him to be aware that I know he will ultimately lose, but he is so hardened through pride that he thinks he can still prevail. Even if he can’t, he has settled for second best, and that is to cause mayhem and bring as many others down with him as he can.
Interviewer: That is so bizarre!
God: Is it? Have there not been many tyrants and others throughout your history who have known that they were doomed to destruction and yet pursued their ambitions in war and other ventures, leading many others over the cliff like lemmings?
Interviewer: Why were they like that?
God: Pride! Their pride would not let them back down, and so they sacrificed themselves and as many others as they could in the fires of their own ambitions.
Interviewer: Why are others duped?
God: They basically want to be.
Interviewer: But why?
God: As I explained earlier, having rejected truth, all that is left to believe in is lies. To acknowledge that one has been wrong is one of the hardest things for any being, whether angel or man, to do. And so rather than confess mistakes, the proud go on to their own destruction. Sometimes the basic instinct for self-preservation kicks in and stops them, but not every time.