If they smite you on one cheek, then what?

| August 25, 2009

Interviewer: On another subject-confession.
God: Confessing mistakes and wrongs is a powerful liberation.
Interviewer: Yes, we have an expression, “confession is good for the soul.” Some even elevate it to the level of a sacrament. What is it about confession that has such a good effect?
God: Until people confess, they carry the weight of the wrongs they have done. Those wrongs weigh on the spirit of man in a very real way. Once they are confessed and forgiven, the weight is gone.
Interviewer: You have made references to being in a war with Satan, but while on earth, Jesus made several statements to the effect that those that follow Him were to be pacifists.
God: Such as?
Interviewer: Well, He said if they smite you on one cheek to turn the other also. Also, He said that those who take up the sword would perish by the sword.
God: When man takes up the sword it is often for unjust reasons, therefore it is by and large safer that you don’t.
Interviewer: Even in defense of home and family?
God: That is taking the idea to an extreme. You have a duty to protect your family.
Interviewer: So why did Jesus say those things?
God: He was saying that if they are smiting you on the cheek, the best thing to do is to turn the other rather than to start a big fight. Those who believe in Jesus are admonished to love and even do good to their enemies. The Christian’s weapon is love.
But you only have two cheeks to offer; after that…
Interviewer: So they strike out at number three?
God: Yes, you could say that. But under certain conditions you don’t even have to wait for that.
Interviewer: So it is okay to fight in the defense of one’s family?
God: Yes, of course. You are justified in using force in this type of situation and in defending the weak from harm. And don’t leave Me out of the picture. The bullies of the world have an angry God to answer to. You can bet your life that they are going to be sorry, and for a long time too.
Interviewer: Like the other fella with the horns?
God: He’s the worst bully of all.
Interviewer: Are we also participants in the spiritual war You mentioned?
God: Yes, but guns and swords have no place in that war. The spiritual warfare is fought with spiritual weapons. Your prayers augment the power of the guys with the white hats.
Interviewer: So that spiritual war spills over into this physical realm in the form of all these little bullies doing their dirty work?
God: Yes, the Devil and the black hats are out to stop the believers and will try to influence others on earth to persecute them. This is one reason why Jesus said for His followers to live a life that cannot be faulted, so that they can enjoy the protection of the civil law.
Interviewer: You mean the Devil may sic his cohorts on the believers, so the believers need to stay on the right side of the law so they will have the law on their side to help them out of any scrapes with the opposition?
God: Precisely.
Interviewer: But what happens when the law of the land forbids what You are asking believers to do? Those responsible for making sure citizens keep the law are supposed to guarantee religious freedom, but sometimes they are the ones who Christians have trouble with. That has been the case where free worship of You and telling others about You is banned.
God: If a law forbids you from practicing your belief in Me, then it is an unjust law.
Interviewer: But it’s still a law. Can it be disregarded in such a case?
God: Yes.
Interviewer: So You are saying that believers can break the law?
God: In this instance, on this issue. When a law forbids belief in Me and expressing that belief, you are not bound to keep that law.
Interviewer: Wow, that is pretty interesting! I have God on record that the law can be broken.
God: I have been pretty specific here, and it is only in this case.
Interviewer: Could there be others?
God: Why do you want to know? Do you want to break the law?
Interviewer: Well, if God says I can…
God: Hold your horses! That is not what I am saying. For your own sake, you’d better keep the law, or else you will find you will be answering to it, and that can be pretty costly for you.