Mayhem and Mammon

| September 4, 2009

Interviewer: I’m back!
God: So am I.
Interviewer: Thank You for coming.
God: You’re welcome.
Interviewer: One thing I wonder is how You spare the time for these interviews. It seems that I should have to make an appointment, but I just sit down and ask and then You are here.
God: It is because I am omnipresent, so I am able to be everywhere at once.
Interviewer: So while You are talking to me, You can be attending to everything else that You need to do at the same time?
God: I can.
Interviewer: I find that I need to give my undivided attention to some project in order to do a good job at it.
God: Thank God you’re not God.
Interviewer: Ha! Isn’t that the understatement of the year!
God: Just to clarify things, though, it is not that I don’t give My full attention to things, it is that I am able to give My full attention to as many things as need it all at the same time.
Interviewer: What I would give for that ability. Tell me, do You like being God?
God: If I hadn’t wanted to, I would never have taken on the job. It can be pretty thankless at times, but the thanks that I get from those who genuinely appreciate Me makes it worth it.
Interviewer: You say You took on the job. Does that mean there is someone else up there who gave it to You?
God: By this I mean, if I hadn’t wanted to, I would never have created humanity. I would never have created a world. I would have just enjoyed being in Heaven with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the angels. But I wanted to show all creation, all in the spirit world, that We, the Trinity, are all-powerful and that right will always win over wrong, through Our help.
Interviewer: So at a certain point, You created the world and all that was and is in it. What were You doing before that?
God: That will be something for you to find out when you get Here.
Interviewer: You were doing something; You weren’t just dormant?
God: (Laughs.) “Dormant” is an interesting word. No, lots was going on.
Interviewer: So before time started here, You were busy in Your dimension doing things?
God: “Dimensions” would be more accurate.
Interviewer: I can only barely conceive of what You mean by that. As far as I understand, we have the dimensions of length, breadth, and depth, and then the more abstract one of time. I suppose in Your spiritual world there must be more dimensions that my mind can’t come to grips with. Is that right?
God: Yes. It would be a decided brain strain for you to try to grasp these realities, and from your perspective it is really impossible to begin to understand except in a vaguely conceptual way.
Interviewer: So I shouldn’t bother?
God: Why not just look forward to the fact that “all will be revealed” in due time?
Interviewer: You have me feeling like a kid the day before Christmas. Guess I’ll just try to be patient. Meanwhile, back to what we were talking about: You were doing things before the creation of the world. Were You sort of experimenting for the big enchilada here, or are we perhaps just a further experiment?
God: You are no experiment. I created you to be My companions and earth is the testing ground, as part of your preparation for this.
Interviewer: A while back You were talking about Jesus’ sacrifice and You said it was necessary because there were certain inviolable rules in the spirit realm. Why is it that You are bound to these rules? It would seem that You, being God, would not have to be bound by any rules.
God: There were certain conditions put in place at the beginning. Because I put them in place, I am not able to change them until certain conditions are met. I will use the example of a game. This is not to say that I look at the world and what is happening there as a game, but it is a useful parallel.
In a game or in sports there are rules, and no matter who you are, you cannot change those rules, at least not unilaterally. And so it is with Me. I cannot change the rules because I bound Myself to them when I started all this.
Interviewer: I almost had the impression that the rules had been dictated by an entity even higher than Yourself.
God: No, there is no higher authority.
Interviewer: You have mentioned Your opponent as being Satan. Is he bound by these rules?
God: Of course, though he tries to break them constantly and is also constantly screaming at Me that I have to keep them.
Interviewer: He is really a nasty piece of work, isn’t he?
God: Unfortunately.
Interviewer: Was he always like that?
God: He started off all right, but because he had a choice, as all the angels do, in the end he chose to be bad.
Interviewer: And he led a rebellion?
God: Yes, he was pretty persuasive, and in the end a third of the angels went into rebellion with him.
Interviewer: Keeping two out of three is not bad. Any politician on earth winning two-thirds of the vote would call it a landslide.
God: I am not a politician, and it was certainly a discouragement to lose those who fell with him.
Interviewer: Since angels have free choice, are there still some who are choosing Satan over You?
God: The event when one-third of Heaven chose to follow Satan was a one-time thing. None of those who can see the degenerate state that the fallen angels have ended up in wants that to happen to them. My angelic forces see that they are obviously on the winning side. Besides, their loyalty was tested and they passed because they chose to remain loyal. That was a watershed moment, and they are not now tempted to defect.