To divorce or not?

| November 10, 2009

Interviewer: Speaking of incompatibility, is it okay to get divorced?
God: My goodness, we were just talking about premarital sex and now you’ve jumped all the way to divorce. Don’t you want to dwell on the marriage for a while before ending it?
Interviewer: I mention this because You were saying that it is better to work out the incompatibility kinks before marriage. I was wondering about people finding out, once they are married, that things are not going so well. Do You consider divorce an option?
God: If you really try and it doesn’t work, rather than spending your lives in misery with each other, it is permissible to divorce, but this should be a last resort. Every effort should be made to save the marriage, and if children have been born to the marriage, then the parents should put the happiness and well-being of the kids before their own. If the home is like hell when the couple is together, then even for the kids’ sake it might be better to separate. But the parents should certainly be able to manage a level of decorum and civility even if they dislike each other, if it means their children can get the benefit of having two parents.
Interviewer: There are many single-parent households nowadays.
God: And this is a very sad state of affairs, because children are made to need two parents, both a mother and a father.
Interviewer: In a previous interview, You said that the key to relationships is humility.
God: Yes, and it is the key to a successful marriage too.
Interviewer: But in a marriage, which at least usually starts out as a romance, isn’t love the key?
God: If you truly love the other, then you will be humble. By “humble,” I mean that you will regard the other partner as more important than yourself. If both of the partners are doing that, then it is guaranteed to be a successful marriage.
Interviewer: Would it also mean that they should regard their children’s happiness as more important than their own?
God: Yes!
Interviewer: But won’t that result in the kids turning out to be spoiled brats?
God: I agreed when you said “more important.” I didn’t say to spoil them.
Interviewer: So what is the difference?
God: If you cater to their every whim and don’t instruct and train the children, but rather let them boss you around, then you will spoil them. But regarding them as more important is making sure that they are cared for and receive the training and guidance they need.
Interviewer: But many of us have careers we are pursuing and can’t devote that much time to our children.
God: When you have children, being a parent is the most important career you have. If your children suffer because you are pursuing your own goals to their neglect, you will live to regret it. The most important legacy anyone can leave behind is his or her children. Put your children above your own ambitions and you generally won’t go wrong. You won’t spend your old age lonely and regretting your selfishness. Even if your children are not able to be with you or care for you, your memory will still be rich with the multitude of marvelous times you spent together with them.
Interviewer: But many of us feel that we have to keep our job and its dictates in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living.
God: I think you would be surprised what you can do without and still maintain a reasonable standard of living. As the Bible states, “Beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.”
Interviewer: I don’t think most people are really being greedy, or covetous, as You put it.
God: That is something that they will honestly have to assess for themselves.
Interviewer: Most of us are just trying to keep up the payments.
God: That is where all this “keeping up with the Joneses” has led. The things in your life now own you rather than you owning them. It’s best to stop and really consider whether you need all those things. Sometimes you are better off just cutting your losses and simplifying your lifestyle.
Interviewer: That is a frightening prospect.
God: Humanity’s essential physical needs are quite minimal-food, clothing, and shelter. Why waste your time on things you don’t really need and which aren’t making you happy? Life is too precious not to be enjoyed.
Interviewer: So You really want us to enjoy life.
God: Definitely! I want you to enjoy every moment of it, living life to the full-one full of love, loving Me, and loving others.
Interviewer: That sounds like a fitting way to finish this book. Would You like to say anything more?
God: Even though this is to be the end of your book, I hope this is not the end of our discussions and conversations, neither with you nor your readers. We have discussed and debated many topics, but there is still much more we can talk about. Whenever you want to, please stop by. I am more than happy to talk with you or any and everyone on any and every topic. Remember, you can call on Me at any time! I am right there with each of you-just a breath away. I love you!