When bad things happen

| March 20, 2010

Interviewer: Then it doesn’t seem fair to me that bad things happen to innocent people when You could make everything right, supposedly with the tip of Your finger.
God: Why do you assume that the “bad” is indeed bad?
Interviewer: Because it is obvious, or at least it seems obvious, that when innocent people are hurt, maimed, killed, made homeless, or see those close to them receive similar treatment, that it is bad. There seems no good to it at all.
God: That is caused largely by man’s inhumanity to man. That is not My doing.
Interviewer: Granted, but You could intervene and stop it.
God: But I have given man free choice. It wouldn’t be free if I intervened.
Interviewer: Perhaps this free choice wasn’t such a good idea, if because of it there is suffering.
God: Do you think it would be better if I had created man as an automaton, programmed to do exactly what I command?
Interviewer: Well, no, I guess not. You have a point there.
God: I wanted a free being who could choose to love Me and love his fellow man. It was important that man had total freedom to make his own choices, in order to have the ability to love Me and those I put in his path, to do good wholeheartedly and not as a machine. However, many misuse this freedom. They make the wrong choices, and much hurt results.
Interviewer: Are You saying You never interfere when You see people hurting other people?
God: In many cases I have stepped in, particularly in answer to prayers, and prevented more damage being done than would have been done otherwise. This is primarily done through My agents trying to get through to the hearts of the people involved, in order to persuade them to make the right choices that will undo the wrong or prevent it from happening in the first place. But if people refuse to listen, there’s not that much we up here can do. I don’t force people to do good, or again, it wouldn’t be free choice anymore.
Interviewer: Well, I still don’t understand why You can’t interfere more when You see extreme suffering. It seems that people would appreciate it.
God: I sympathize entirely with those who hold this misconception. I know it is very hard to understand. It has been the thing that people have cursed Me for from the beginning of time: “Why, God, why? If You are great and powerful, You could have done something.” But they feel this way because they are shortsighted.
I do try to influence people to do good-as I just explained-or things would be much worse than they are. But in other cases, people don’t understand that often by allowing difficulties and hardships I am working in their lives and the lives of all the others involved to bring about a greater good. Difficulties can shape your character for good in ways that nothing else can. Sometimes the good manifests itself right away; other times it’s something that may never be evident in your current life.
Interviewer: Current life? What do You mean by that?
God: This life is not the end. It is a very transient phase in your existence, but it is in this phase and only in this phase that certain things can be experienced and the benefits derived from them. If you look at the overall scheme of things, the big picture, including eternity, there is a long life after the one you are now in, and many accounts will be balanced later. The good will be rewarded. The unjust will be punished. All will be made right; all will be settled. It is a matter of trust. I ask you to trust Me that I know what I am doing and that the end result is worth it.
Interviewer: I can tell that this is an emotional issue with You as well.
God: A very emotional issue. I do have emotions and I am not beyond being hurt. Part of love is being vulnerable, and because I am love I am vulnerable to hurt. But the fact that I can be hurt does not mean I can be conquered. I remain invincible, and in the end, all that I have planned will come to pass. True justice and love will triumph; you will see.
Interviewer: So why? Why the hurt and suffering?
God: I just tried to explain but I see that you didn’t understand. Pain and suffering are indeed “bad” things and they will eventually be done away with. But at the same time there are certain aspects of the character of mankind that can only be shaped by seemingly negative things like this. Those who have known these things are “greater” than those that have not-not because they are necessarily better people but because they know what it is like to be on the receiving end of these things. I know I am making a sweeping statement here that might not seem to hold true in all cases, but nevertheless it does hold true. However, there are always many other factors involved that can affect what could be considered the desired outcome.
Interviewer: So You are saying that at the end of the day we have to trust You, even if it doesn’t seem that what is happening is right and good?
God: Yes, it comes down to that. Even when it is very hard to understand, please trust Me. Remember that life is not always so hard to bear. Sometimes things go well for you, don’t they?
Interviewer: Yes. But those are not the times that we feel we need Your help or an explanation.
God: So I get blamed for the bad, but not thanked for the good?
Interviewer: Unfortunately that seems to be the case, and I concede that is very unfair. I admire Your patience with us all.
God: Contrary to popular opinion, being God isn’t easy!