Is Heaven the ultimate vacation destination?

| March 2, 2010

Interviewer: I suppose some would look at Heaven as the ultimate vacation destination and wouldn’t be too interested in getting a “job,” but would rather just relax and kick up their heels.
God: (Chuckles.) Yes, most true! Some of them really don’t want to get down to any work for quite a while, and I can hardly blame them for that. But all play can be unfulfilling after a while, and then they want to get into doing something. Work is a lot more pleasurable in the heavenly realm and for most it is infinitely more rewarding than the drudgery many put up with on earth. Whatever they work at has eternal meaning and benefits. It is not as on earth, where much that you do one day has to be repeated the next to little avail.
Interviewer: So what kind of job openings would one find in the heavenly classifieds?
God: What kind of job would you like?
Interviewer: Something in an advisory capacity perhaps.
God: Perhaps we could find something for you in the “bad jokes” department. (Chuckles.) But seriously, there are innumerable opportunities. If you want to go into something advisory, how about working as a spirit helper to someone still on earth? That is a function of many spirits.
Interviewer: But I thought that each person had a guardian angel. Why would they need help from spirits too?
God: The spirits have more of a specialist instructor role. They are usually sent for some specific purpose, and that purpose can be long or shortterm. The guardian angel, though, is a permanent assignment.
Interviewer: Can You elaborate on what the “specialist instructor” does?
God: Well, say there is a specific task that someone has. Writing a book might be one. The assigned spirit would normally bring some expertise to the subject-perhaps an intimate knowledge of the subject of the book, or perhaps a talent for writing.
Interviewer: Would anybody who sat down to write a book get one of these helpers?
God: No, not necessarily. There would have to be a compelling reason for sending a spirit to help, and usually it would in some way be to serve My overall purpose for mankind.
Interviewer: Which is?
God: My goodness, didn’t we cover that? Why, to get as many people as possible to eventually come live in Heaven.
Interviewer: So in the case of the writer, these helping spirits would be trying in some way to get the writer to say something in his book like, “Want to go to Heaven?”
God: Not exactly, but they would at least be trying to help the writer say something that might get his readers thinking in some way about the reality of the spirit world, or of Me. Or even trying to get them at least to want to do some good in the world, help their fellow man, be a bit more-or a lot more-altruistic or kind or just or show more consideration to others. Things along these lines. These are all manifestations of love, which are manifestations of Me.
Interviewer: But knowing how difficult it seems for us here to stay attuned to the spiritual, it must be a very frustrating assignment to be a spiritual companion to someone on earth.
God: It can be, but when the person is in tune and everything goes as it should, it is one of the most rewarding experiences there can be. Oftentimes the spirits ask to be assigned to someone they have an affinity with-a descendant or relative, a friend, someone who has similar interests, even one’s spouse or children. Aside from deriving pleasure out of just plain helping someone they like and love, they in a sense also get to live their lives over and help that person succeed at something they didn’t or accomplish something that they had always wanted to.
Sometimes they can get a little too eager and some of their thoughts and memories of their lives on earth are transferred to their charge. It can seem to the one on the receiving end that he or she is getting a flashback of a former life.
Interviewer: Does this explain the theory of reincarnation then?
God: Yes, it does. Those people getting thoughts of another life are actually experiencing the memories of a previous lifetime as though they themselves have lived before. In reality, they are usually the memories of the spirit helping them.
Interviewer: Are the spirit guides out of line in projecting their thoughts like this?
God: Once in awhile, yes, but mostly it happens accidentally. The trouble is, once those thoughts are in the mind of the one on earth, they are there permanently. Although not in conscious mind all the time, these memories can be activated by things like hypnotism or some sort of trauma, or even by something positive emotionally. This can lead to some rather complicated situations.
Interviewer: And some rather mixed-up people through no fault of their own.
God: Well, you can’t draw such sweeping conclusions. Although there is some fault on the spirit’s side, a lot of people make the wrong assumption. A little more caution and level-headedness might cause them to consider the evidence more thoughtfully and not jump to conclusions.
Interviewer: Any last word about angels and spirits?
God: Are we drawing to a close already? Time flies. We who live in eternity are not constrained by time, but that is another subject too. Hopefully that will whet your appetite for more.
To close on angels and spirits, I would like to say that all the forces of Heaven are fighting for the right. Although it may at times look as though the other side is winning, My angels are much stronger and more numerous than the fallen ones, and My plan will not fail to come to pass. Good will triumph and the victory of My heavenly forces is assured. So you may in full confidence put your money on My side as being the one to win eventually. In fact, you can bet your life on it.
Interviewer: I am sure the readers will appreciate that hot tip. Thank You for coming again. Can we look forward to more of these tête-à-têtes?
God: Most assuredly.