Heaven's command structure

| March 10, 2010

Interviewer: Are there different levels of authority in Heaven? A command structure, so to speak?
God: Yes, there are angels and over them are archangels. Then there are other angels who have specialized tasks, that have charge over My throne or over certain places.
Interviewer: Do these look different than the others?
God: Yes, but these are spiritual entities, so to describe them by describing physical characteristics is a bit futile. They can assume physical characteristics, but that is not their normal form.
Interviewer: We picture them as having wings and halos, but otherwise bodies similar to ours.
God: They do appear as having those things and they have been described accurately, for that is one form they manifest themselves in, to mankind. But they are not limited to those manifestations.
Interviewer: So why the wings? Do they signify anything?
God: Angels do not always appear with wings. When they do, some have two, some four, and some even six. The wings are manifestations of their powers, the abilities that they have to do things that man cannot. Man has always wanted to fly, and so to see these wonderful creatures that are not bound to the earth has inspired awe and wonder. I even inspired and instructed craftsmen and artists in the past to represent My angels as having wings.
Interviewer: Was that for a more primitive time?
God: “Primitive” is a misnomer. Less advanced in some fields of science and technology maybe, but I would say the horrors that man perpetrates today are more primitive and extreme in their barbarity than much that occurred during man’s earlier tenure on earth. But that is another subject.
Interviewer: Do angels have names?
God: Yes. Some of them you know from biblical and other accounts, such as Gabriel and Michael.
Interviewer: Are there other names we could be told?
God: Yes, but I would like to keep that for a little later if I may.
Interviewer: Of course, if You wish. I hope You don’t mind but there is one… Well, to be honest I feel a bit silly asking this question, but it is one of those questions that has come up about angels. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
God: You are right, silly question. But since you asked, the answer is none.
Interviewer: None?
God: Yes. None of them are silly enough to try dancing on pinheads.
Interviewer: Oh. I should have expected that. So tell me now about spirits. How does a departed human end up with the job of being a spirit?
God: All departed humans are spirits. The grave is not the end of a person’s life. Each person’s spirit continues to live after the body dies; it’s just that different ones live in different places. How they end up with various jobs in their spirit stage depends on a lot of things. First, it all depends on where you decide you want to end up-Heaven or Hell. In Hell there are not many openings for jobs-at least not if you want to work for Me.
Interviewer: I don’t think many of us would want a job there.
God: Yes, I assure you most people would rather not. As far as those in Heaven, their desires in the matter are a big determining factor.